Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fashion, put it all on me.

This week I took some time to analyze fashion styles. I came to the conclusion that a lot of people do not have a style or are confused as to which is their specific style. Although I am a firm believer that styles can be combined to form a better end result, I like to always keep it close to my personality •which does not, and should not, change after every time I change my underwear!• My style is more on the preppy side but I love to throw in some twists and do not always have to wear pearls •even though I love them!• I love colors: brights, nudes, darks, and lights, everything from black to white. I do my own nails every week and am obsessed with nail polishes. Anyway, I will be sharing with you and the world some of my most precious finds, interesting books, and pretty much anything I see and love! xoxo

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