Friday, July 29, 2011

In fashion one day you're in, and the next you're out.

If you add Heidi Klum's beauty, Tim Gunn's charisma, Michael Kors' talent and Nina Garcia's sophistication your result is a dream team and everything you wish you could be. The only way of being able to observe these four icons together is by watching Project Runway. In its 9th season, this incredible show has become the biggest hit amongst reality television. Various talented designers are hand chosen by this panel of judges and put together in a competition to see who will end up in the finale and show a collection at Bryant Park, New York City. Although some aspects of the show change every season, the idea stays the same and the level of amusement never ceases to excel.
Season 9 started last night on Lifetime channel where 16 designers were picked from a group of 20 and at the end of the show another competitor was sent home. As usual, there are people from every age, race, and style. I particularly enjoy the ones who are considered underdogs but end up shining multiple times. If you are interested in fashion and like to see what people can create, this show is for you. If you are not, then you might want to watch it just to see what the judges have to say, because we must admit, these 4 stars are incredibly influential to our society.
Watch it on Lifetime, on Thursdays at 9/8c

Barely there.

All of that nude talk yesterday tempted me on doing nude nails. I had been wanting to try an accent nail on a nude nail for a while because I absolutely love light colored nail polishes. When I received my Martha Stewart glitter, I immediately picked my favorite one which is called Smoky Quartz. This glitter is light gold with hints of brown and camel which results in a less shine and a much more subtle color, unlike the found in jewelry. I paired it up with my favorite light Essie "Playa del Platinum", which is a light taupe with a hint of grey. The end result was magnificent, and the pictures do not do it justice.

Ps. This time around, I applied only one coat of the polish to my accent nail then applied a clear coat and dipped my entire nail on the glitter container.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The naked truth.

Nude has become the new black. For a while now, this beautiful, yet simple, color has replaced the brights and neons and can be paired up with any color. Its versatility gives every piece an advantage resulting in the ability of incorporating any nude piece to your outfit, regardless of what you are wearing. Although the word nude is straight to the point, it has various different shades amongst it, including: bone, taupe, blush and beige. This color should be layered and it is essential that one uses different textures in order to achieve the perfect look.

Here are some of my favorite nude pieces.

1. Michael Kors "Shetland" Cat Eye Sunglasses.
2. House of Fraser "Therapy Beaded" Crop Top.
3. Sam Edelman "Lorna" Pump.
4. H&M Scalloped Shorts.
5. Topshop "Lace Panel" Dress.
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs "Bianca Pouchette" Crossbody Bag.
7. Belissima Light Horn Flat Link Chain Necklace.
8. Michael Kors Gold and Horn Boyfriend Watch.
9. Hermes Enamel Bracelet.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I die!

Shut it down! The best fashion tips show is coming back this fall on Bravo. The Rachel Zoe Project season premiere is scheduled to air on September 6th at 10pm. Its fourth season promises to show Rachel's new aspects in life, including motherhood and her expended business and career. This incredible woman works as a fashion stylist for thousands of celebrity on the most prestigious red carpet events. Her suggestions on how to dress are priceless and just by watching her weekly, you can improve your sense of style a great deal.

Rachel is obsessed with shoes and accessories which are the most important pieces when putting an outfit together. Needless to say, she is always up to date on the latest trends, starting some herself. If you are looking for chic, expensive looking and unique outfits, you must watch her show.

For those who have been following The Rachel Zoe Project from the beginning, it is clear that Rachel had issues when considering becoming a mother. She was never sure about it and always thought that with her busy career she would not be able to mother a child and put in enough time and dedication to be successful at it. However, time flies and with age, Rachel was reaching a point where it was now or never. Finally, on March 24th, 2011, Rachel Gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Skylar. This season we will get to meet this new fashionista who already follows the latest fashion trends.

~Rachel Zoe and Skylar~

If you have never seen the show and would like to start it up from the beginning, you can find the episodes online here.

Monday, July 25, 2011

I've got the blues.

Last week I finally received my Martha Stewart Crafts "Essential  Colors Glitter Set" in the mail. This amazing 24 colors pack of glitter works perfectly, reaching the effect I was looking for on my nails. Previously, I had used a different glitter (thicker) and I realized that, to be able to obtain the end result I was looking for, I needed to search and purchase a different one. Due to its vast variety of colors, it is very difficult to pick one to use at a time. This time, I decided to use a nail polish i purchased a while ago and have not had the opportunity to enjoy it yet. This light sky blue is perfect when looking for a change from the regular pink summer colors. Lapis of Luxury, by Essie, is light and subtle with a hint of purple. In order to reach the full potential of the polish, you must apply 3 coats. However, I do not like it when my polish chips quickly, so i decided to apply only 2 coats and it ended up looking a big faded but still adorable. Similar to my previous glitter post, Think Pink!, I used the same methods to apply the glitter on my accent nail, resulting in this beautiful combination of blues.

Essie "Lapis of Luxury" and Martha Stewart "Lapis Lazuli"

End Result:

Friday, July 22, 2011

Reva flats.

There is nothing more rewarding than finding a super comfortable pair of flats. The ones that you do not have to break them in for a week, or wear band-aids throughout the day. Being able to walk around for hours on end with flats that will not leave you sore is very difficult. However, I have found that, the ones with elastic around them seem to fit perfectly at all times. Tory Burch makes them just right. They are called Reva flats and they have elastic around the back of the shoe to provide the comfort you need. Various celebrities wear them and they are very chic and classic. They come in an incredible variety of colors and most have a medallion on top representing the brand. You can find them here.

Celebrities wearing Reva flats:

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Speak now.

Last night I was very fortunate to be able to watch and meet one of my biggest idols, Taylor Swift. My friend Lindsey and I were able to receive “meet and greet” passes which allowed us to meet her, take a picture with her and receive an autographed photo. At first we entered this magical room full of pillows, couches, plants, and lights. There was fabric draped all over the ceiling making you feel like you had just entered a different world. Taylor was waiting for us at the end of the room. As we hugged her, she commented on our outfits and was very sweet. We took our picture, spoke for a few more seconds, and had to leave. After this incredible moment, which was the best start of a concert I have ever experienced, we proceeded to our seats. In my opinion, meeting her made the concert feel more real. It was not as if we did not know that person anymore. We loved her for who she was with us as well. Needless to say the singing was amazing. Every song felt very real and one could tell that there was a lot of meaning to each verse she sang. At one moment, while singing “Back to December” Taylor explained that she wrote it to apologize to someone. She also included “It’s too late to apologize” sentences to the song and for a few seconds she was mute staring at the sky with tears in her eyes. It was clear that she wanted the apology message to be received and accepted. Also, there was a time where Swift stopped to talk to the crowed. Every person in that arena screamed their loudest and Taylor had a huge smile on her face. She proceeded to say that there was something about Newark, she was not sure if it is the fact that we are a mixture of New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but that she feels so welcomed and can clearly see the love and dedication we have for her. These touchy moments, were the highlight of the show and I will remember this forever.
Here are my favorite pictures of the concert:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You go ahead, let your hair down.

When I came across these products, I immediately thought about sharing them with you. Today, everyone is very concerned about their appearance and how to take care of their attributes in the best way. Also, a great deal of people have been changing their habits into a more natural approach and purchasing items that are "green". These two items will help you take care of your hair without having to waste a lot of time and money on various steps and products.

First, I found the Ricky's "Sun" combs. These little miracles have sunscreen and nutritional oils baked into their plastic. As you brush, the chemicals are released into your hair protecting it from sunlight and strong UV rays. It also keeps your hair from drying out and prevents color fading. They are $5.99 each and you can purchase them here. They come in a few different shapes so you can chose your favorite or buy them all!

Next, we have an item called "Satin hair brush" by Braun. They come with IONTEC, which is released on your hair when you click the button and brush it. This works similar to a conditioner and keeps your hair shinny and smooth. These are a bit more expensive ($65) but they last longer and you can purchase them here.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

In 2008, I watched a movie called "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" which is based on a best seller book by the same title. Set during World War II, this tale tells the story in the point of view of a German boy who becomes friends with a Jewish boy. The movie was captivating and left me wondering how incredibly hard life must have been for these people back then. A while passed, and recently I decided to pick up the book and give it a chance. Usually, I do not read books after I have watched the movie, but since it was such an interesting story, I broke this rule. A few days ago I finished reading it and it did not disappoint me. As usual, the book was much more detailed and enchanting than the movie was; however, I found the ending to be somehow puzzling and without the amount of explanation I would like to have received. Since I had seen the movie, I knew exactly what was happening, but I realized that for someone who did not watch it, the ending was a little vague. As a result, I am glad I watched the movie as well as read the book and would recommend this story to anyone who likes to read about people's struggles and the history or our world. Nevertheless, the fact that it is in the point of view of a young boy is entertaining and lets you navigate through the story with an innocent eye and without judgment.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Red Jeans.

Jeans are the most basic and comfortable pieces anyone has in their wardrobes. One can use it casually during every day activities, or dress it up with a fancy top and some heels for a night out. Although they come in various different styles and washes, jeans sometimes can be a bit boring. That is when colored jeans come into play. They add a tad of color to your outfit, while allowing you to still have the comfort and versatility of a simple pair of jeans.

What should you wear with a daring pair of red jeans? Simple! You can wear a top of any material or pattern, but make sure it is of a simple color such as  black, white, nude or navy. Stripes, color blocking, simple patterns and denim also look very good with red. If you need a jacket, black leather is your best bet. And remember! Gold goes best with black and red, so have a blast with your gold jewelry.

1. Love Squared sleveless Peter Pan collar blouse.
2. Mulberry light blue Sofia shirt.
3. Sonia by Sonia Rykiel striped long sleeve bow top.
4. Topshop ivory cropped lace halter blouse.
5. Cynthia Rowley shattered front sequin t-shirt.
6. Ian R.N. color block tunic.
7. Rag & Bone Suffolk sweater.
8. Full Tilt leather moto womens jacket.

1. J Brand mild rise skinny leg jeans in "bright red".
2. J Brand cut off shorts in "bright red".
3. Rich & Skinny "Bikini" flare jeans "heart red".

Ps. White nail polish would look really cute with some red jeans wouldn't it?

Monday, July 18, 2011

White out!

When I was younger, any nail polish color was fair game. As I became a teenager, the "French Manicure" was very popular but that was the most amount of white polish we would put on our nails. Now, things have changed quite a bit. White nail polish has become a very popular trend for this summer and everyone is wearing white out looking polish on their nails. At first, I was a little hesitant, as I have never been a fan of white polish. However, after my first try i fell in love. If your hands are tan, then the color looks even better. Although the texture of the white polishes I have tried have not satisfied me to the fullest, I still keep coming back to this color and purchasing a new white every time I come across one. I have not tried every white I know of and would preffer to use, including some of these bellow, but once I find my favorite white polish I will let you guys know.

Here are a few of my favorite polishes and brands in white:

1. China Glaze "White Out"
2. OPI "Alpine Snow"
3. NARS "Ecume" in Opaque White
4. Urban Outfitters "RGB" in White
5. Forever 21 "As a Ghost"
6. Essie "Blanc"

Celebrities wearing white nail polish:

A dog is a man's best friend.

This weekend one of my dreams finally came true. Saturday we bought this puppy girl from a pet store around us and she is so sweet. She is a Puggle which is the mix of a Pug with a Beagle. Finally my boyfriend and I have a dog! We have been wanting this for a long time now and it is a joy to have it come true. She does not have a name yet but we think we want to name her Hermione, after Emma Watson's character in Harry Potter.

On the car ride home.

Laying tired on the grass.

Panda and Hermione meet :)

Unfortunately we had to take Toby, the bunny, back to the farm we got him from. He was not getting along very well with us or Panda and we did not think it would be fair for him to be introduced to a hyper puppy so soon. We will miss you Toby!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Two finger ring.

Our favorite star from MTV's "The Hills", Lauren Conrad, started the two finger ring trend with her famous "Lauren" name ring. Soon after, girls all over the world were introducing these statement rings into their jewelry collection. From simple gold pieces to enormous designs, rings became a fever amongst girls. You can pair these two finger rings with simple rings or go all out depending on your mood. Here are some examples of this fun trend:

For a simple chic look try this Marc by Marc Jacobs "Coral Seas" ring:
For a romantic look try this Erica Anenberg "Bow" ring:

For rings with sayings try this Beyond Rings "I love you" ring:

For a bigger statement try Noir Jewelry "Barbie Dream House" ring:

For a two finger that looks like one, try Beyong Rings "Echanted":
You can try them on, figure out what looks good together and get a great end result. Do not be afraid to play with a vast variety and there is no need to be matchy matchy.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

So you think you can dance.

I am certainly not a dancer, but I sure appreciate art through dance especially when it makes my heart pound harder and every hair in my body stand on end. So You Think You Can Dance is its 8th season and they never cease to amaze me with the greatest dancers and most touching routines. I have gathered a few of my favorite routines they have done up to date and hope that you will all enjoy as much as I have. Although I have watched these a thousand times, they always give me the chills and bring tears to my eyes. If you have already seen all or some of these, just watch them again because you will love them more and more! And if you have not, enjoy! These videos were the best I could find, but if you want to see more or better, just search them on YouTube and you are sure to find them all.

Mark & Chelsie "Bleeding Love"

Lauren & Twitch "My Chick Bad" (Go to 1:40)

Lauren & Pasha "Fuego"

Sabra & Neil "Sweet Dreams"

 Katee & Twitch "Mercy"

Melissa & Ade "This Woman's Work"

Katee & Joshua "Dhoom Taana"

Kayla & Kupono "Gravity"

Katee & Joshua "No Air"

Allison & Robert "Fix You"

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun in the sun.

Bathing suit trends have changed a lot in the past few years. Before, they were just cute pieces of clothing we put on quickly to jump into the pool or go to the beach. Now, they have become statement pieces and have nothing simple about them. Even the most straightforward pieces have twists and details that make them unique and elegant. From regular triangle, halter tops and side tie bottoms to bandeaus, strapless and high waists, everything became a little sexier and riskier. Retro and one piece have become much more popular and the beach has become a runway. Bellow is a list of the most fashionable swimsuit trends right now.

One piece & High waist:

1.  Anthropologie "Color-Pop Maillot one piece swimsuit":  Retro! Very fashionable and colorful which gives a little playful look to it.

2. Oscar de la Renta "Deep-V one piece swimsuit":  Romantic, yet sexy, with some see through details and a bow to accentuate the low v cut.

3. Zimmerman "Swim banded floral one piece swimsuit":  Chic, elegant and sophisticated - enough said!

4. Urban Outfitters "Balconette Bikini":  High waist bottom for more coverage and an underwire top imitating a bra in a beautiful olive/army green color.

5. J. Crew "Retro dot underwire bikini":  Polka dots are always in! Bow details turn this piece into a more romantic high waist.

6. Michael Kors "High Waist abstract bikini":  Elegant high waist with a black and white abstract print, so chic!

Bikini & Two piece:

1. Asos "Gold foil animal bikini":  Gold and shinny - very daring!

2. Juicy Couture "Lurex strip and chain bikini":  Nautical blue and white stripes are always in, with a chain detail to give it a little twist.

3. J.Crew "Jersey Lomellina V-cut halter bikini":  V cut halter tops are popular now and this pastel color is gorgeous.

4. Chloe "Scallop edge bandeau bikini": It is all about scallop edges! Cute and romantic.

5. Mouille Chloe "Multi Frill bikini":  One shoulder has been popular for a while now, and with some ruffles you have a perfect bikini.

6. Marc by Marc Jacobs "Slider top and side bow bikini":  Bows bows bows! Always!

7. Juicy Couture "Rope triangle bra and side rope bottom bikini":  The rope detail turns this regular simple piece into a more unique and chic bikini.

8. Ralph Lauren "Blue label crocheted bikini": Crochet and ruffles for a romantic look.

9. Despi "Casablanca bikini": Beads and leather details give this bikini a tribal/hippie look.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.

One of the best things about summer time is being able to wear open toe shoes. Sandals come in a huge variety of styles and colors and sometimes it becomes difficult to choose exactly what you want. I have been looking for sandals I can wear to work and during my search, I came across a lot of fun and cute flat sandals you can wear to a vast variety of places. With an affordable budget of $50 dollars or less each, I came up with my top 10 sandals for this summer.

1. Urban Outfitters "Cooperative Perforated Leather Sandal":  Bright and fun color, comfortable with a perforated design that is in right now.

2. DV by Dolce Vita "Dakota Sandal":  Romantic style with a small bow on top and a beautiful nude color.

3. Mia Shoes "Marabelle Sandals":  Lots of coverage for work with a lace and braded detail making it more unique.

4. Steve Madden "Serenite Sandal":  Unique back and big buckle for a more rock chic style.

5. J. Crew "Leather Capri Sandals":  Simple and elegant flip flops that you can dress up or down with your outfit.

6. Sam Edelman "Gigi Sandal":  Color blocking is very in, pair a nude and a bright color for a fun summer end result.

7. Zara "Studded Roman Sandal":  Another rock chic style with more coverage.

8. Zara "Three-Tone Flat Sandal":  Color block, big buckle, and bright colors = everything you need for the perfect summer sandal.

9. Steven Madden "P-Miley Sandal":  Nude and glitter together is also a perfect combination for a day to night sandal.

10. Havaianas "Slim Turkish Flip Flops":  Most comfortable flip flops you will ever find. They come in lots of colors and prints.

Running with Scissors.

I have recently finished a book called "Running with Scissors", which is the memoir of Augusten Burroughs. The author tells his childhood story where his insane mother sends him to live with her psychiatrist and his family. Every character is completely bizarre but entertaining at the same time. This book has been popular for a few years but I had never thought about picking it up until recently when I ran out of books to read and did some research that left me with a long list of future reads. So, upon picking up this book, I was a little concerned because recently I have been reading a lot of "based in true stories" books about child abuse. Consequently, I end up having bad dreams at night and being concerned with children who suffer from these abusers. This is why, while following the Casey Anthony's case, I was sick to my stomach. But I refuse to talk about this on my blog, since it is so controversial and I am very opinionated about it. Anyway, "Running with Scissors" turned out to be one of the best books I have ever read. Most, including me, would say that this book is incredibly sad; however, I found it to be amazing. Each character brings a point of view and a different craziness to them. I am currently reading another book, but after, I am hoping to read Burroughs' other memoir called "Dry". I will let you all know what happens in my reading journey!