Thursday, July 28, 2011

The naked truth.

Nude has become the new black. For a while now, this beautiful, yet simple, color has replaced the brights and neons and can be paired up with any color. Its versatility gives every piece an advantage resulting in the ability of incorporating any nude piece to your outfit, regardless of what you are wearing. Although the word nude is straight to the point, it has various different shades amongst it, including: bone, taupe, blush and beige. This color should be layered and it is essential that one uses different textures in order to achieve the perfect look.

Here are some of my favorite nude pieces.

1. Michael Kors "Shetland" Cat Eye Sunglasses.
2. House of Fraser "Therapy Beaded" Crop Top.
3. Sam Edelman "Lorna" Pump.
4. H&M Scalloped Shorts.
5. Topshop "Lace Panel" Dress.
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs "Bianca Pouchette" Crossbody Bag.
7. Belissima Light Horn Flat Link Chain Necklace.
8. Michael Kors Gold and Horn Boyfriend Watch.
9. Hermes Enamel Bracelet.

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  1. This post is banging!!!!! I just love the cat eye sunglasses(#1)!!!!!!