Thursday, July 21, 2011

Speak now.

Last night I was very fortunate to be able to watch and meet one of my biggest idols, Taylor Swift. My friend Lindsey and I were able to receive “meet and greet” passes which allowed us to meet her, take a picture with her and receive an autographed photo. At first we entered this magical room full of pillows, couches, plants, and lights. There was fabric draped all over the ceiling making you feel like you had just entered a different world. Taylor was waiting for us at the end of the room. As we hugged her, she commented on our outfits and was very sweet. We took our picture, spoke for a few more seconds, and had to leave. After this incredible moment, which was the best start of a concert I have ever experienced, we proceeded to our seats. In my opinion, meeting her made the concert feel more real. It was not as if we did not know that person anymore. We loved her for who she was with us as well. Needless to say the singing was amazing. Every song felt very real and one could tell that there was a lot of meaning to each verse she sang. At one moment, while singing “Back to December” Taylor explained that she wrote it to apologize to someone. She also included “It’s too late to apologize” sentences to the song and for a few seconds she was mute staring at the sky with tears in her eyes. It was clear that she wanted the apology message to be received and accepted. Also, there was a time where Swift stopped to talk to the crowed. Every person in that arena screamed their loudest and Taylor had a huge smile on her face. She proceeded to say that there was something about Newark, she was not sure if it is the fact that we are a mixture of New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but that she feels so welcomed and can clearly see the love and dedication we have for her. These touchy moments, were the highlight of the show and I will remember this forever.
Here are my favorite pictures of the concert:

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