Friday, November 4, 2011

Size matters.

Last week I painted my nails a neutral grey that I purchased a couple of weeks ago. French quarter for your thoughts, a fall 2011 OPI polish, is a light grey with a great consistency. So this week, I decided to use one of my newest polishes, Size matters from Essie's fall 2011 collection, and fell in love with it. I am a little picky with dark colors and find myself leaning towards light colors right now, but red is always a favorite when my nails are super short. Consequently I decided to try my new red. I am also picky with red nail polish. It either has to be super bright red, or a berry red but I have to try it on to be able to tell if I will like it or not. This ruby red with a hint of berry is the perfect winter red. It is a little bit darker than your regular reds but it is not on the brown scale. Also, I decided to take a picture of my nail polish collection because every week it is so hard to pick a color and I wanted to share with you guys the reason why. Oh, and because my box is full, so now I will have to find a new one to start filling it up.

My nail polish collection.

OPI "French quarter for your thoughts".

Essie "Size matters".

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