Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas & basic nails.

This week has been a very busy for me. Although stressful, a few things got accomplished and it feels amazing to know that. I had been planning to do a post about the best neutral colored nail polishes but never got to it, so I decided to combine that post with my new Christmas inspired nails that I just did last night.

I love neutral colors, and absolutely love them on nails because when they start chipping you can't notice and they are easier to paint. So I picked a few of my favorite colors to share with you.

My new favorite neutral: Essie's "Case Study"

A few of my favorite neutrals (from left to right):
OPI "Samoan Sand"
Essie "Brooch the Subject"
Essie "Playa del Platinum"
Essie "Case Study"

Essie has tons of neutral colors, from grayish to pink to beige. So if you are looking for some good nail polishes, try this brand.

Here is my Christmas inspired nails. I thought about doing green and red but I have a Christmas party to go to this Saturday and still don't know what I was going to wear, so I figured the more basic the better. So I went with my new favorite red, which is more of a wintery red (not so bright) and on my accent nail I used red Martha Stewart glitter (After i finished my nails, I wished I had done the accent nail with green glitter, but I still love it).

Essie's "Size Matters" + Martha Stewart glitter

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