Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Life of Pi.

My mother often complains that I am boring due to the multiple book posts I have on my blog. "You post about books I am not interested in!" she says. However, I read often, mostly during my daily commute to work and so far, most books I pick have made my top favorite books of all times list. I frequently find myself hesitating during the beginning of certain books, yet once the story picks up I cannot take my eyes away from the pages. I even become a bit excited to wake up in the mornings and it keeps me sane and motivated on days I just want to go back to bed. Habitually I say to myself that I will be able to read some of my current book if I manage to make it to work. So yes, I can be boring, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in this case, the beauty in my books is in my eyes and hopefully yours. So as long as I enjoy a novel, I will keep posting here about them and if you find them boring, then you can still love me like my mom does.

Anyway, this time I will mention the book “The Life of Pi”. Without fail, this is again, one of those books that starts off a little slow and can be a bit boring. However, once the main story starts, you will not be able to stop reading. The books starts off by explaining the main character Piscine Molitor, better known as “Pi”, who is an Indian boy confused about his religious beliefs. The story goes deep into Pi’s childhood, family, and religion, explaining how his father is a zoo owner and Pi’s love for animals. The main focus of the story is when his family decides to move to Canada and during their trip there, they are victims of a shipwreck where Pi finds himself stranded in the ocean in a lifeboat along with a few animals but most importantly, a Bengal tiger. Once that part of the story started, the book caught my full attention and I embarked on this journey of survival with Pi and Richard Parker (the tiger’s name). I truly enjoyed this book and although you always have the fact that it is fictional to fall on during the sad times of Pi’s journey, I often found myself believing the story so strongly that I could not believe it was fictional. If you ever decide to pick up this book, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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