Friday, July 11, 2014

The bag and the beach.

After two long, life changing years, a special someone encouraged me to be back. With different goals in mind, I typed in the URL for my long lost blog and there it was. Colorful, full of details and fashion items. Quickly I thought: "I must change this if I ever want to write on it again!". Today I can say that I am a much more simple person, who can quickly distinguish from black and white. I'm here to share a story of a friendship that grew from nothing but random encounters to a bond that could never be broken. As A always says: "The universe has a reason for everything".

A Friday in July 2005: I wore a jean skirt and a brown tight polo, all from Abercrombie and Fitch. Where else?! That store smelled like good looking people and played the best music. I walked for the first time into the place where my home would be for the next 9 years. I carried my pink and white stripped bag with neon yellow handles that had some quote about the beach on it. Little did I know both the bag and the beach would bring us together at different times. The day went quickly and I met some friends. Some I still talk to, some I still carry in my heart and memories.

A Sunday in September 2005: I also wore a jean skirt, this time I paired it with an army green racer back tank top. My best friend and my parents moved me in to my first dorm room... I've always been a clean and organized person, I remember being a little girl dumping all my clothes on the bed because a skirt was misplaced in the wrong drawer. Upon walking into that room, desperation came over me. "I couldn't sleep in this messy room on a top bunk" I thought! Luckily before I even took a breath, I was moved to a different room due to knowing a friend who was joining the same dorm room (still I was placed in a top bunk, but this time around it was ok because I was with my friend). That night the most random girl came up to me and asked if I would like to go to a party, and to meet outside at 9:30. I quickly got ready and met her and a bunch of new kids. We walked to a place that has held so many memories to me and A throughout our lives. Once there I saw A standing by a table where people played a game called beerpong. A and I locked eyes and I think i can speak for both of us when I say that we knew we would get along. A spotted my stripped bag and ran to me saying she saw me walk during that July afternoon and had loved my bag! This is the moment the bag brought us together. We started talking about parties and school. We found a bucket full of watermelons where we stood by and munched on some delicious fruit. Then people were calling on others to play the beerpong game, so A and I said why not? Obviously we won, we were so good at it somehow. We shared laughs, hugs, and what would become a first night of a beautiful friendship.

A Monday in November 2006: A wakes me up to go to anthropology class. She was always the most responsible one. The one who never skipped class and made study guides before exams. After showering, I told A i wasn't feeling so well, she rolled her eyes at me thinking I was probably just skipping our class again, but still she saw in my eyes that I couldn't go. After a text message, A ran back to our room with medicine for the pain I felt. Once she walked in she was surprised to see that I had changed colors and no longer felt my limbs. That moment A and I shared something neither of us will ever forget. Thanks to A and a few other characters I survived safe and sound. As A would say "The universe has a reason for everything".

The memories A and I shared are immense and impossible to be written down by me solely. Things, people, obligations were put in our path but today we are stronger than ever.

A Thursday in May 2014: After feeling extremely sick, A convinces me that I should come down to the beach for memorial day weekend. She knew I needed a new scene, some fun... That weekend changed my life. There were other people involved in this change, they know how much they mean to me. But A, she knows how much my heart needed her and the beach. This is the moment the beach brought us together. As we held hands and sat by the water for the first time in so long, I looked at A and I said "Thanks, I am finally complete" and A answered that "the universe has a reason for everything".

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