Monday, July 25, 2011

I've got the blues.

Last week I finally received my Martha Stewart Crafts "Essential  Colors Glitter Set" in the mail. This amazing 24 colors pack of glitter works perfectly, reaching the effect I was looking for on my nails. Previously, I had used a different glitter (thicker) and I realized that, to be able to obtain the end result I was looking for, I needed to search and purchase a different one. Due to its vast variety of colors, it is very difficult to pick one to use at a time. This time, I decided to use a nail polish i purchased a while ago and have not had the opportunity to enjoy it yet. This light sky blue is perfect when looking for a change from the regular pink summer colors. Lapis of Luxury, by Essie, is light and subtle with a hint of purple. In order to reach the full potential of the polish, you must apply 3 coats. However, I do not like it when my polish chips quickly, so i decided to apply only 2 coats and it ended up looking a big faded but still adorable. Similar to my previous glitter post, Think Pink!, I used the same methods to apply the glitter on my accent nail, resulting in this beautiful combination of blues.

Essie "Lapis of Luxury" and Martha Stewart "Lapis Lazuli"

End Result:


  1. how do you apply gliter to your nails? before the polish dries out so it sticks to it, i assume? do you do it before or after finishing (clear coat)? and what do you use-a brush of some kind?

  2. Hi Izabella, what I do is, I apply the clear coat to all my nails but the ones I want to apply the glitter on. Then, I leave everything ready for the glitter part so that I can do it quickly by opening the glitter container and having the brush ready (I use a small concealer brush that I had for my makeup, but you can pretty much use any brush at all - painting, make-up and etc. However, try to keep it small so that you do not get too messy with the glitter). Then, I apply the top coat to my nail and right after I dip the brush into the top coat then quickly into the glitter and apply to the area I want. If I need more glitter, I just keep dipping the brush into the glitter then applying it to the nail (I do not re-dip the brush into the clear top coat because I do not want my top coat to get ruined). After the glitter is completely dry, (usually I wait at least 10 minutes) I apply a finishing top coat on top of the entire nail (including glitter area) so that it secures it there and lasts longer.

  3. Super cool Ana!!!!

    Izabella, Ana's older post "Think Pink" has the steps on how to apply them!!!... :)...

  4. oh cool. thanks. i might try it tonight :) havent painted my nails in MONTHS!:)

  5. Good luck! Let me know how it turns out :)