Friday, July 8, 2011

Think Pink!

Hello! So, as I have said before, I try to do my nails every week. Therefore, I will always have nail polish stories to post here. Last weekend, I spent a day with my mother and we did some shopping. Since we bought some gifts for various people, we decided to run into the dollar store to pick up some gift bags for our presents. While there, I picked up a couple of bottles of powder glitter and decided to use them with my nail polishes for a cute and different glitter look. Although this glitter turned out thicker than I wanted, it still looked cute on the accent nail and gave it a romantic look. I paired it up with one of my favorite pink polishes by Essie. Splash of Grenadine is not your regular pink because it has a little hint of purple to it. After doing my nails this week, I researched glitters online and ended up buying an amazing new pack of thin glitter. Stay tuned and I will show them to you on the next nail post!

Essie "Splash of Grenadine" + Dollar store pink glitter

The end result!

Steps to achieve end result:
1. Apply 2 coats of your favorite polish.
2. Apply a top coat to all your nails but the accent nail.
3. Apply a top coat to your accent nail then use a separate brush to apply the glitter by dipping it on the clear top coat, then on the glitter and applying it to the bottom half of your accent nail.


  1. eh moda pintar soh essa unha diferente eh? gostei disso nao.. hehehehe :D

  2. eh gueibi, ta a maior moda aqui! tem gente que pinta uma unha com glitter geralmente a do dedo do anel, mas tem gente que pinta tipo tudo rosa e uma laranja, ou etc. :)