Thursday, July 14, 2011

So you think you can dance.

I am certainly not a dancer, but I sure appreciate art through dance especially when it makes my heart pound harder and every hair in my body stand on end. So You Think You Can Dance is its 8th season and they never cease to amaze me with the greatest dancers and most touching routines. I have gathered a few of my favorite routines they have done up to date and hope that you will all enjoy as much as I have. Although I have watched these a thousand times, they always give me the chills and bring tears to my eyes. If you have already seen all or some of these, just watch them again because you will love them more and more! And if you have not, enjoy! These videos were the best I could find, but if you want to see more or better, just search them on YouTube and you are sure to find them all.

Mark & Chelsie "Bleeding Love"

Lauren & Twitch "My Chick Bad" (Go to 1:40)

Lauren & Pasha "Fuego"

Sabra & Neil "Sweet Dreams"

 Katee & Twitch "Mercy"

Melissa & Ade "This Woman's Work"

Katee & Joshua "Dhoom Taana"

Kayla & Kupono "Gravity"

Katee & Joshua "No Air"

Allison & Robert "Fix You"

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