Friday, July 15, 2011

Two finger ring.

Our favorite star from MTV's "The Hills", Lauren Conrad, started the two finger ring trend with her famous "Lauren" name ring. Soon after, girls all over the world were introducing these statement rings into their jewelry collection. From simple gold pieces to enormous designs, rings became a fever amongst girls. You can pair these two finger rings with simple rings or go all out depending on your mood. Here are some examples of this fun trend:

For a simple chic look try this Marc by Marc Jacobs "Coral Seas" ring:
For a romantic look try this Erica Anenberg "Bow" ring:

For rings with sayings try this Beyond Rings "I love you" ring:

For a bigger statement try Noir Jewelry "Barbie Dream House" ring:

For a two finger that looks like one, try Beyong Rings "Echanted":
You can try them on, figure out what looks good together and get a great end result. Do not be afraid to play with a vast variety and there is no need to be matchy matchy.


  1. Adorei o primeiro by Marc jacobs. Acho que essa moda de anel duplo também está por aqui, veja o post do GE de hoje sobre os anés duplos da CYS (uma loja de jóias daqui de Recife), muito lindos. Adorei o post, quero mais tendências...Go ahead, fia!

  2. acabei de ver os aneis duplos no GE, lindos amei! tb adorei o primeiro do marc jacobs! bem simples e listo neh? beijos!

  3. Meu favorito é o Echanted (último da mostra)!