Friday, July 1, 2011

Sparkly Red.

So yesterday was nail day and I really wanted something bright, fun and different. Since I have been craving some glitter in my life, I decided to stop at this little store I walk by everyday on my way to work, where tons of different and convenient things are sold to people who are running in and out of work. I figured since I had to pass by it anyway, it would not hurt to check it out and hopefully find a bottle of sparkly glitter polish. Upon entering I almost fainted. There it was, a huge rack full of nail polishes of an enormous variety of colors. Needless to say, I squatted in front of the rack and started to pick out as many little bottles as I could fit in my hands. As I finally take a second to look up, I see a sign that reads "L.A. Colors polish 3 for $4.99". With 6 bottles in my hands I thought "Score!" and proceeded to the cashier. Although I like to stick with my favorite polish brands (Essie and OPI), due to past disappointments where cheap polishes got old too fast and things like that, I will definitely be going back to pick some more bottles soon. I cannot resist the thought that down the street there are thousands of polish colors waiting for me! Here is a picture of the ones I have purchased so far:

Colors from left to right:
Energy Source
Sassy Sparkle
Sparkling Diamonds
Gold Nugget
Moody Red

On my nails, I stuck with a favorite from Essie called "Red Nouveau" and used the colorful glitter "Sassy Sparkle" from my new polishes on my ring finger as an accent nail.

And here is the end result:

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