Thursday, August 11, 2011

Alex Woo.

I have been obsessed with these necklaces for a while now, but have never purchased one because of their high prices. Alex Woo necklaces come in silver and white, yellow and rose gold, and are super cute to wear all the time. With a large variety of collections, these pendants can be stacked up for a more unique look. The "Little Letters" and "Little Numbers" are the most popular categories. They also have charms representing horoscopes, luck, animals, seasons and etc. You can wear a letter with a number, more than one letter or number, just numbers, or add a mini pendant to complement your necklace. Any combination is allowed, all you have to do is use your creativity. For example, the gold #4 + silver heart necklace on the picture bellow is Heidi Klum's, which she wears to represent her family. I have been eyeing the gold letter A with a rose gold heart (even though I do not love hearts that much, I want to combine yellow gold with something rose gold because I think it would come out adorable).

Here are some examples of these adorable pieces of jewelry:

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