Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Aubergine, or better known as eggplant, is a shade of purple that has a small hint of brown to it. I absolutely love this color because it is different than your simple purple and looks very expensive when added to any outfit. Here are some items that I found in this beautiful color:

1. Top Shop Purple Colour Block Shell Top.
2. Dior Brown and Aubergine Frame Sunglasses.
3. Halston Velour PLatform Sandals.
4. 7 For All Mankind Roxanne Low-Rise Corduroy Skinny Jeans.
5. M. Flynn Pink Flower Earrings.
6. Modcloth Aubergine Wings Dress.
7. Michele Watches Tahitian Jelly Bean Chronograph Watch.
8. Carmel's Large Purple Stone Cocktail Ring.
9. Women's Hedgehog Belt.
10. Mulberry Bayswater Eggplant.
11. Ritona Necklace.

Some celebrities in Aubergine:



  1. Analu - That's awesome! Why don't you include the prices where available and where to find them like they do in the Glamour mag? :)

  2. Thanks!! I will start doing that from now on. I figured sometimes you can find things cheaper online if you look hard enough so I always make sure to include the brand and model name. But I'll include the best prices I can find along with where from now on ;)