Friday, August 19, 2011

Neo Whimsical

Last week, I purchased a few new nail polishes that I absolutely love! I invested on some pastel colors that I was missing amongst my collection. One example, is this light but creamy pink by Essie called "Neo Whimsical". This turned out to be the perfect easter pink. Although I love dark and fun colors, I also love basic clean looking pastels because they do not look as bad when chipped and they are basic while not interfering with whatever you want to wear. So, I painted my nails with two coats of "Neo Whimsical" and on my accent nail I tried this silver glitter by L.A. Colors which has tiny silver sparkles mixed with bigger glitter pieces called "Sparkly Diamonds". The result was absolutely perfect! Keep in mind that the lighting changed the pink a tiny bit, so my nails look just like the pictures, but a little more pink than the purplish pink it looks like. Click here to see a better picture of "Neo Whimsical".

** I would like to take a moment here to tank some of my followers and friends for all the support. I love receiving messages with tips and suggestions on what to post next. Thanks so much! :o)

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