Monday, August 22, 2011

Plan your life.

A little while ago, during a walk through Target, I found a planner that caught my eyes immediately. Once I got home, I look for them online and figured out they were Erin Condren planners. Since then I have been wanting one but they are a little expensive for a simple daily planner. A few weeks ago I finally ordered my first one. Last week, I received it on the mail and it was exactly what I wanted it to be. On the website they allow you to personalize your planner by picking a cover from a large variety of options. You can also choose different colors and a picture to include on your cover. I chose the initial option and picked the colors purple and navy blue. I wished I had picked navy and a lighter color because the purple was very similar to the blue but I still love the end result anyway. This planner comes with quotes inside, a cute pouch to hold your stuff, paper clips, and some personalized tags for gifts and etc. Erin Condren includes these little details and gifts which makes your purchase more special. Here are some pictures of my planner, and if you want to check out the site click here.

Front cover with my name and initials.

Cute quotes throughout the entire planner.

Keep it together pocket.

Pouch for storage and personalized cards.


If you are planning on purchasing one, message me here and I will give you a coupon code.
Ps. If you order now, you receive the remaining months of 2011 for free!

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