Friday, September 9, 2011

Shimmery pink.

Yesterday we lost power and I was not able to use the computer for the entire morning and some of the afternoon, so I ended up not posting. Anyway, I took advantage of my free time to get my nails done and tried out a new version of the water marble nails. This time I dipped multiple nails in the water at once so that it saved more polish and time. Also, I used a shimmery gold glitter amongst some muted pinks. For the base coat, I used Essie "Innocent" and for the water mixture I used a gold from Forever 21, Essie "Innocent, Essie "Topless and Barefoot" and Essie "Neo Whimsical". Here is the result:

Left hand.

Right hand.
The left hand came out better than the right hand but everything looked nice in the end and subtle which was my main goal upon starting this little project.

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