Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween peacocks.

Eventhough halloween is so close, I know that a lot of people leave their costumes for the last minute. Last year, two of my closest friends dressed up as peacocks in a do-it-yourself costume that turned out incredibly beautiful. So, I decided to share their idea with you here (with their permission!) so that you can see how easy and affordable making your own costume can be (and honestly, it is more unique and beautiful that way!).

You will need:
  • Black shoes: as you can see pumps or booties work.
  • Black tights: if you feel that the weather will be too cold.
  • A black dress: or a black skirt and shirt.
  • Black gloves.
  • Various peacock feathers: can be found at arts and crafts stores or online.
All you have to do is dress in black and do your make up in turquoise, blue, and purple tones (possibly wear fake eye-lashes), glue feathers to the front of your dress and pin feathers to your hair clip.

Eye make up.

The pictures pretty much sumarize what they did and how you can transform a simple dress into a gorgeous halloween costume.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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