Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We heart it.

Since I became a member of, I cannot stop going on their site and picking out the pictures I love. I've decided that every now and then (or maybe more often than that!) I will be selecting a few of my favorites and sharing them here with you. Some of these pictures are so adorable, they speak for themselves. So here you have it, my currently favorite we heart it images:

Hello Kitty bows and cover for cellphones.

A plastic bow ring.

So typical, happens all the time with chat users.

Cute nail polish patterns

Lady Gaga style Disney Princesses.

Iphone apps made into cupcakes.

A bird trying to go number 2! :)

Of course, Blair Waldorf.

Little girl getting dolled up by her mom.

And, representing today's weather, a pig wearing rain boots!

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