Thursday, July 7, 2011

Panda & Toby.

 A couple of months ago, my boyfriend and I went food shopping and stopped at a pet store to look around. Automatically we fell in love with a black and white Dutch bunny. Immediately we knew we could not walk out of that store without it, so we took it home with us and named it Panda. This little girl is now the best pet anyone could ask for. She is sweet and loving, does not make any trouble and is always willing to come to us when we call her name. Panda will be 5 months on Sunday.

Panda as a baby.

Panda now, all grown up!!

While building all this love for Panda, we often thought about adding another bunny to our animal world. Finally, Saturday the 25th, we went to a Rabbitry and took home with us our new bunny Toby, who is a Lop. He is so cute and we hope that soon Panda and Toby will become best friends.

The new baby Toby.

Baby Toby streching out.


  1. They´re soooo cute! I had a bunny once, her name was Lilly. So cute, white with red eyes. But she liked to hide behind the sofa. Anyway...
    Good luck with your cuties.
    Love you!!!
    Come visit us soon!

  2. Gueibi thank you!! Love you!!