Thursday, August 4, 2011

Follow the yellow brick road.

This week I decided to do my nails yellow. I have been wanting to use this color for a while but was having trouble finding one that pleased me. When it comes to yellow nail polish, I feel the same exact way as the white. I have a difficult time finding one that suits me, and am not sure about the end result. Although I came to love white, I am still trying to find that love for the yellow. Usually, I prefer to do my toes in a bright or dark color. However, while walking through the Wal-Mart isles during a quick shopping trip for some things that were missing at home, I came across the perfect yellow for my toes. It's bright and pretty but it does not have that neon effect, which works perfectly for me. I purchased this Sally Hansen "Mellow Yellow" and used it on my toes. On the other hand, for my fingers, I picked this Revlon "Sunshine Sparkle" which is much more subtle and lighter color.

This picture came out a little too bright, especially on my fingers, but I just wanted to be able to show the difference between the yellows.

Here you can see what my finger nails really look like:


  1. gostei!! :D ai tem cores foscas?

  2. tem sim gueibi... ainda nao provei, nao sao as minhas preferidas nao mas talvez eu compre uma kkkk

  3. Sorry, I can't do yellow! It is by far my least favorite color!!!!