Friday, August 5, 2011

Keeping it neat.

A few weeks ago I started to have some space issues with my closet. Although I have a walk-in closet, the space never seems enough since nothing goes out and things just keep on coming in. I realized that, in order to be able to fit everything, I needed to purchase some organization and storage pieces. My first decision was to switch all my plastic hangers to velvet non-slip ones. They are much thinner and allow me to fit many more pieces of clothing in my closet. I went to TJ Maxx and purchased a few packs of 18 hangers for around $9.99. This store has the best prices when it comes to these velvet hangers.. After this change, I was able to hang many more things and not have my clothes wrinkle because they are so clustered together. Also, I decided to fold my sweaters instead of hanging them like I used to (heard it was bad for sweaters to be hung). So i purchased a few plastic dresses from Wal-Mart and used them to storage my folded sweaters and with the extra space, I folded my scarves. From TJ Maxx, I also purchased a few drawer organizers. They help to keep your jewelry neat and separated into categories. I also have a spinning necklace holder where I hang all my necklaces (similar to #10) and a dish where I keep all my basic daily jewelry available for easy reach (similar to #12). I also bought some hooks and hung all my belts because I was starting to get upset at them having marks for being in containers. And finally, for my shoes, I purchased a shoe rack (similar to #9) where i keep my heels and flats, and a few baskets (similar to #5) to storage all my flip flops. After all these changes, I now have a much more organized closet where everything is within convenient reach. It also helps to color coordinate things, such as your clothes. I have found that this simple task keeps things neat in our eyes.

Here are some cute things and ideas you can use to keep your things organized.

1. Anthopologie Letter Hooks.
2. TJ Maxx Drawer Organizers.
3. Rain Cosmetics Organizer from Bed Bath and Beyond.
4. Erin Condren Lucite Trays.
5. Wicker Baskets from Target.
6. Urban Outfitters Iron Scholl Coat Rack.
7. Neu Home Recharge Station from Target.
8. Velvet Hangers from TJ Maxx.
9. Seville Classics 3-Tier Shoe Rack from Wal-Mart.
10. Urban Outfitters Spinning Keys Jewelry Stand.
11. Storage Boxes from TJ Maxx.
12. Urban Outfitters Glass Facet Ring Dish.

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