Monday, August 8, 2011


These handbags are far from new and unique. During my commute every morning, I must see around twenty women wearing these, mind you I do not even have a long commute. They are everywhere! Longchamp "Le Pliage" line comes in many different models, sizes and colors and you can even chose to customize your own Le Pliage on their website (Longchamp). They are known for their versatility due to their ability of getting wet and to be folded. The purse itself is made of a waterproof material that dries quickly with leather handles and flap. When folded, they pretty much disappear, which is great for travelling.

This past weekend, I went to my family's house. I had to take a train from work on Friday night, which resulted in me carrying much more than I would like to on my commute. In order to not bring a weekend bag or duffel to work, I decided to fill my large Longchamp with all my weekend necessities and use my small Longchamp to bring my wallet, sunglasses, keys, cell phone and all things you carry in your purse at all times. I thought I would have a hard time carrying both these bags but I was wrong. I have realized that, there are certain things in a purse that you do not notice until it either bothers you or you do not have to deal with it anymore (for example, when the handles keep sliding off of your shoulder). My large Longchamp has a longer handle than most of my other purses, even my small Longchamp. Consequently, the purse sits right on my hip and does not slip off of my shoulder, which prevents from causing back pains and the annoying feeling of having to keep your handles in place at all times. With my small purse, I sometimes have the problem of it sliding off, but that is because the small purse's handle is not as long as the large's. Another thing I really like about these bags is the folding option. A lot of times, I am wearing a large bag and need to carry a smaller one in case I go out somewhere. So, I fold my small Longchamp and carry it inside my other bag. The opposite can also happen, where you are carrying a small bag and end up needing a larger one (due to some shopping or other reasons).


In order to make your Lonchamp more unique, you can select all the details by customizing a bag on the website. They let you chose all the components of the bag you desire. For example, first, you select the model and size of your bag. Then, you can choose the drop measurements of your purse's handles. After, you are able to pick the color of your Le Pliage amongst a vast variety of colors. They also allow you to chose a differenc color for the middle (as seen bellow), and the finishing of the metallic details, such as button and zipper, from nickel, bronze or golden. But the most unique detail is being able to embroid or emboss your bag where you can chose to emboss on the flap or embroid on the pocket and pick out the font you want and the color of it.

Here is an example of a custom Le Pliage where the color red was chosen for the bag with brown as the accent strip and a white name "Kelly" on the pocket:


  1. I want one of this bags now :)

  2. I too have noticed a bunch of people with those bags just did not know they were from the Longchamp brand. I'm all for personalized stuff, plus makes a very cute gift!